Weather in Santa Fe New Mexico

If you have never been to Santa Fe, you might not know what to expect when it comes down to how the weather will be during your stay to this lovely city. In general, the seasons in Santa Fe are quite distinct, with cooler winters and relatively hotter summers. The summer months are usually hot but not excruciatingly hot as the humidity is not too bad and they are often quite comfortable, which is something both residents and tourists can appreciate. Temperatures throughout the day will vary and during the afternoon hours, the temperature in Santa Fe is usually at its highest. During the evening hours, especially after the sun has gone down, that is when it begins to become cool in Santa Fe, with a nice breeze most of the time.

"Weather in Santa Fe New Mexico""Weather in Santa Fe New Mexico NM"Throughout the year, there is not a lot of snowfall in Santa Fe, so during your stay, even if you visit during the winter, do not expect to see much snow at all. When it does end up snowing in Santa Fe, the snow is usually so light and it barely sticks to the ground. Most people consider this a good thing because too much snow can cause a hassle, especially when you are trying to get to certain places in the area. Snow usually only occurs a few times each year and never really accumulates much. On the other hand, rain is not too unusual in the Santa Fe area. It will rain throughout the year but it definitely tends to rain the most during the warmest months, during both July and August. Even if you are visiting during the summer and it starts to rain, you will still be able to enjoy your stay. Not to mention, the rain will feel pretty good when it falls down during the hot summer months, when temperatures can reach 100 degrees and higher.

Regardless of what the temperature may be during your visit to Santa Fe and regardless of which month you choose to visit this city, you will still be able to have a great time, rain or shine. There are so many different things to do in Santa Fe and a lot of these things actually take place indoors anyway, which includes the many different museums that you can visit during your stay. If you are traveling to Santa Fe in the summer though, expect warm weather with the possibility of some rain showers.

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